By becoming an employee of Impact, you will have the security of employee status, eliminate the paper work that burdens a contractor and maximise your take-home-pay.

There are certain rights that, by law, an employee must have. These include:

  • Statutory Sick Pay
  • Statutory paid holiday
  • Statutory maternity/paternity leave
  • National Minimum Wage

Payments will be made to you via our PAYE system and so, all tax and National Insurance that is due to be paid will be taken care of. Through the nature of working at a series of different workplaces for limited periods, we will assist you to claim legitimate work expenses. Because such expenses qualify for tax relief this will maximise your take-home-pay. Claiming expenses is easy with Impact. This is because we have a dispensation granted by HMRC which allows expenses to be claimed with minimal fuss.

Interested or require further information? Do not hesitate to contact our specialist team, via phone or email, who will be happy to answer your queries. See our Contact us page.

Limited Company

Maximise the freedom of running your own limited company whilst we take care of the administration for you.

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Self Employed

Keep your self-employed status and have choice over which assignments you undertake whilst we take care of your invoicing and payments.

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Client Testimonials

“She is very good, I have asked my staff who have more dealings with her than me, they have all said that they get a very good service from her and feel that she is very efficient. She is an asset to Impact.  As I mentioned to a colleague at Christmas time, Impact are the best umbrella company we have worked with”.
"We can only praise our designated contact for her efficiency, professionalism and knowledge of the products available, she is an asset to your company. I am not aware of any issues that we have had/have with Impact and you remain to be our main payroll provider. Keep up the good work”.
"Our Customer Services Administrator at Impact is very thorough, and is always happy to deal with our queries. Any information I require is always sent across without a wait and always acknowledges receipt of emails, even if it is just to let me know it is being considered.  I have no complaints with her and would say she is a great contact for us".
"I’m really happy with the service we get from our contact at Impact; she is prompt at dealing with any issues and always updates me with the outcome once she has spoken to the candidates".
"No worries at all. Our Contact there is very helpful and always ensures we are happy and things run smoothly and is very assertive when things need to be done quickly".
"Our contact there is awesome. Enough said :-)"
"No problems with our contact at Impact, she is quick getting back with any queries we may have and is always polite and efficient".

"We are more than happy with the way things are going especially with our Customer Services Administrator looking after us the way she does it really is second to none".



GDPR Update - Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations

When can we make marketing calls to businesses? The rules are the same as for calls to individuals. So, you can call any business that has specifically consented to your calls – for example, by ticking an opt-in box. You can also make liv ...

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Privacy Policy Announcment

From 25 May 2018, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be coming into effect across all member states. In order to comply with the new requirements of this law, and to ensure that we can best continue to serve you, Impact Contrac ...

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